KAY GLOBAL LTD (KGL) in partnership with world-class manufacturers abroad supply the following: 

  • Pipeline Fittings & Fasteners (Elbows, Tee, Reducers, Coupling, and Nipples, etc)

  • All types of valves (Ball, Gate, Check, Globe, etc)

  • Safety PPE (In-Country Manufacturing of industrial workwear)

  • Line Pipes & OCTG

  • Flanges (Blind, Weld Neck, Slip-On, RTJ, RF, etc))

  • Steel Structures / Building Materials (MS Plates, Beams, Grating, Angle Iron, Rods, etc)

  • Petroleum Products (Land and Marine)

  • Supply of Modular Mobile Chemical Production Lab

  • Explosion Proof Products & Work Tools

  • Chains, Anchors, Shackles & Accessories

  • Various Radio & Telecommunication Equipment (Pagers, Radio, Repeaters, Base Station Portable Handheld Radios)

  • Office Equipment (Metal Drawers, PC, Copiers, Fax Machine etc)

  • Various Intrinsically safe and explosion-proof products (Cameras, laptops, phones, etc.)

  • Both outdoor and indoor VSAT equipment.

  • Procurement, Installation & Maintenance of UPS Systems, UPS Batteries Installation & Replacement, Power Management Module (PMM) Systems etc.

  • PAS, CCTV and Alarm Systems

  • Power Distribution & Cabling Specialists for HV/LV in substation

  • High-quality Chains, Anchors, Shackles & Accessories, etc.



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